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I am a technical editor with more than 25 years of professional experience and a journalistic resp. PR background – and offer you the complete range of tools for technology-oriented communication. Book me as a freelancer directly in your company or remotely from my editorial office in Essen (Ruhr area).

In contrast to “classic” technical editors, I have a much broader base: In me you will also find a specialist, for example for the production of operating instructions, and an experienced (PR) journalist.

Your advantage: With me at your side, you can use all modern communication instruments from a single source. From newsletters and customer magazines to e-learning sites and how-to videos.

My expertise as a technical editor from previous and ongoing customer projects includes:

  • PC hardware and software
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Safety engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • IoT
  • Telecommunications

My expertise as a technical editor from previous and current customer projects includes PC hardware and software, consumer electronics, automotive, security, mechanical engineering, medical technology, IoT and telecommunications. In almost all cases I not only provide texts and illustrative elements, but also the necessary preparatory work: analyses, research, interviews and the resulting concepts and communication strategies.

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Clipping Leica Microsystems

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If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your technical communication: It's quite simple ...

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You can reach me by phone as well as by e-mail.

Arrange a consultation

The first interview is generally free of charge. You only pay any travel and accommodation costs.

Define deployment

You can choose: Remotely from my editorial office and/or at your company. Duration: at least 30 hrs/month.

Agree fee

My fee is based on the skills to be used, the required technical equipment and the duration of the assignment.

From the area


I develop solutions to specific communication problems including interviews with relevant stakeholders.


I develop concepts around User Experiences and User Interfaces (UX/UI), on request with implementation in wireframes and wording.

Project Management

I support ongoing projects in which technology-oriented communication plays an important role (B2B/B2C/B2E).


I develop e-learning, how-to- and video concepts including expert interviews and professional storyboards.

From the area


I design and write newsletters on topics that really interest your customers. On request in HTML/PDF format and by e-mail.


I research and write operating manuals for technical devices, on request with complete design in Adobe InDesign/Illustrator.

Case Studies

I interview one of your clients and write a case study including photos. On request, also as a finished PDF document in your corporate design.


I produce technical guides and online help for your website, from consumer electronics and IoT systems to software-as-a-service.

Regarding Hardware by the way, I use computers based on macOS and Windows 10 Pro, the most important Software comes from Adobe (Creative Suite 2019, Captivate), Maxon (Cinema4D) and Microsoft (Office 365 Business Pro). Photography is done with cameras from Canon (5D Mark II and M5).


What my customers



After a few semesters of physics as well as communication and media science, I learned the journalistic trade from scratch: In a two-year traineeship at a publishing house in Cologne. I then worked for a few years as an editor for one of the largest daily newspapers in the Rhineland and as a part-time freelance technology journalist and technical PR consultant.

1987: Four-colour customer magazine on the Macintosh Plus

I earned my first spurs as editor in charge of a technical customer magazine at the end of the 1980s: with Computer und Grafik, published by a graphics company in Düsseldorf. The special thing about this 100-page, four-color printed magazine was that it was created entirely on the computer (Macintosh Plus), which was a sensation at the time.

In 1989, I entered the agency business and specialized completely in technical topics. One of my most important customers, who remained loyal to me for over ten years, was Canon Deutschland GmbH. I conceived, wrote and designed a good dozen image brochures, eight customer magazines (Office News) and nine specialist books for the Krefeld company. I also developed several interactive press CDs for Canon and their very first German website at the end of 1996.

Although the download speed at that time was rather slow (128 Kb/s were already great), I started in September 1996 – almost exactly one year before Google started to roll up the market – the first online database with full text search called PR Dialog.

In 1999, my text shop went online. He anticipated what would only become one of the driving forces for content marketing about ten (!) years later: editorial texts for download.

From office automation to the paper house

For many years, I also looked after other large companies in the technology sector, such as Hewlett-Packard (hp). For the US company I produced 18 case studies on the topic of “Office Automation”. Other well-known companies that I supported in content marketing and online PR included Delta Electronics Europe (nine years, all PR for the EMEA region), SAP Hosting (three years, regular e-procurement newsletters) and EWE TEL (four years, regular telecommunications newsletters).

PR highlights also included press work on one of the first GPS trackers for dogs (Dogphone), which led, among other things, to a report in the complete BILD edition, or the internationally highly successful PR for the construction element Swisscell, which was even reported on by SPIEGEL under the heading “Paper House for Africa”.

Further customers (excerpt):

Aerophone Ltd. (Telecommunications, Tel Aviv)
Press releases and reports about Inflight-GSM

Arcandor AG/KarstadtQuelle AG (online trading, Essen)
Texts for the website of the AG

Conrad Electronic GmbH (online shop, Hirschau)
Writing of guide texts for the business customer shop

innogy SE (SmartHome System, Dortmund)
Complete production (text/layout/prepress/online) of operating instructions and online help

Konradin Printshop GmbH (printing house, Leinfelden-Echterdingen)
Developing and writing B2B blog posts on printing and converting technology

Leica Microsystems GmbH (Microscopy, Wetzlar)
Texts for Newsletter, Use Cases

MedTec GmbH (medical technology, Wetzlar)
Press releases, reports, photos

Otto (GmbH & Co KG) (Online trading, Hamburg)
Texts for websites (consumer electronics, white goods)

Round Solutions GmbH (Electronics, Neu-Isenburg)
Press releases about IoT

STAMM Verlag GmbH (Books, Essen)
Nine Multimedia Books

T-Mobile International AG (Telecommunications, Bonn)
Texts for websites (History of mobile radio)

Wacom Computersystems GmbH (Digitized tablets, Krefeld)
Press releases, reports, photos

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TECHTIMES is a project of:

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E-Mail: redaktion@techtimes.de

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Responsible for content: Heinz-Joachim Imlau (Address see above)

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